jazykového vzdělávání MU

Zpět Career Writing (lecturer Mijke Post)

Centrum jazykového vzdělávání MU (Komenského nám. 220/2, Brno )

Career writing includes three types of writing: creative, expressive and reflective. You write in order to learn about yourself. The process is intended to be inspiring, even when working through things that are difficult. The idea is to gain insights and write „stories“ that inspire and strengthen you on both a feeling and cognitive level.

In the career writing workshop we will do a variety of writing exercises and take a look at the Career Writing Model created by Meijers and Lengelle in 2009 for a theoretical background.

Registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/vMykDeMtqy7OtknC2


Tuesday 16th October 2018        10:00-11:30 and 12:00-13:30

180 minutes (2 x 90 minute seminars with a break)  for Masaryk University staff members

Where: Language Centre (Komenského nám. 2, Brno)


Lecturer: Mijke Post

Mijke Post (45) has 20 years of experience in coaching and education as a communication teacher, the last 14 years at the Hague University as a coach and Career Writing facilitator (Elective Personal Leadership) and recently introduced Career Writing as part of the program in professional identity in Communication Studies. Mijke loves hearing stories from and working with exchange students as well as introducing the insights to other colleagues in coaching. She was a research assistant during the promotion of Reinekke Lengelle PhD, publication partner and a member of the Research team Pedagogy of the Professional Development from Frans Meijers PhD.

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