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Digital Media in ESP Instruction for Marketing Communication

Štěpánka Hronová, Ladislava Knihová

Štěpánka Hronová je asolventka ZČU v Plzni oboru učitelství anglického jazyka a City University of Seattle oboru General Management, účastnice Fulbrightova programu v USA 2000-01. V rámci mobilit pro pedagogy Erasmus vyučovala na zahraničních partnerských institucích. Věnuje se výuce anglického jazyka a odborných předmětů v angličtině na VŠFS. Zajímá se o progresivní metody výuky jazyka a inovativní učební materiály. Publikuje články a účastní se konferencí týkajících se oblasti ESL, andragogiky, trendů ve vzdělávání a problematiky udržitelnosti. Ladislava Knihová studied linguistics at Charles University in Prague, specializing in English and Russian, earning a PhDr. degree in philology and teaching instruction. After graduating, she worked in the diplomatic service and since 2009 she has been working for The University of Finance and Aministration (Deputy Head of the Department of Language). She also works as a corporate trainer. Her former and current clients include Harley-Davidson, DHL and ING Bank. In recent years, she has become renowned as an online learning specialist, having been named several times in the annual list of the ‘Top Ten E-learning Movers and Shakers in Europe’. She has published numerous articles on learning technologies and has taken part in e-learning conferences (notably in London and Sheffield). Ladislava focuses on marketing communications, digital marketing and social media marketing, as well as teaching English as a second language. She specializes in English for special purposes (e.g. marketing, finance, banking, management, law, English for the EU, business valuation, accountancy, mechanical engineering etc.). As an e-learning designer, she has won awards. Currently, she is pursuing her studies into graphic design techniques and developing her expertise in various software programmes among the Adobe Master Collection. In 2017, Ladislava earned an MBA, a professional degree, specializing in Marketing & PR. Currently she is studying at the University of Economics at the PhD. programme at Faculty of Business Management, Department of Marketing. Ladislava speaks English, Russian and German, along with some Arabic and Chinese.

With the high speed of innovation advancement, technologies used for foreign language instruction as well as materials and teaching aids are becoming obsolete after significantly shorter time periods compared to several decades or years ago. Therefore, instant adjustment and innovation of materials used in English for specific purposes teaching is necessary. The aim of this paper is to highlight this particular need of (a) content update carefully choosing the most appropriate material based on the state-of-the-art in the given areas and (b) incorporation of innovative technologies in order to follow the trend or become the trend setter in high standard of education. Further, it wants to share two practices of video embodiment into an ESP classroom. In particular, it shows how existing videos with corresponding educational content can be utilized as a part of interactive PowerPoint presentations in peer-to-peer microteaching units during an ESP class. Secondly, the plan with the Bring your own device (BYOD) approach is introduced where students themselves become content creators with the use of the mobile app iMovie having studied several learning nuggets of marketing communication theory. The treatise is complemented by an international research probe among university lecturers across Europe on their use of videos in language instruction.

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