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Teaching Professional Communication to Pharmacy Students

Olyesya Razdorskaya

Olyesya Razdorskaya is Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages of Kursk State Medical University. She graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Kursk State Pedagogical University in 1997. She was working as a teacher of English in the secondary schools in the city of Kursk from 1997 till 2005. Since 2005, she has been working at the Department of Foreign Languages of Kursk State Medical University. In 2009, she received the scientific degree of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (Russian analogue of Ph.D. in Education) in Moscow Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute. She is a member of Royal Society of Research and Development (India). She is a member of the editorial board of ‘Social and Basic Sciences Research Review’ (Pakistan) and Open Science Journal (Serbia).

Pharmacy students studying ESP are taught how to ‘speak a consumer’s language’ which can be achieved if a specialist has professional reflective skills that are formed in the process of participation in the simulation and business games, didactic dramas designed by the author based on the Reflective and Creative Approach. A pharmacist should have a psychologist’s skills required for the proper communication with the consumers in order to sell medications successfully and the skills of conflict management to reduce the conflicts’ negative impact on the pharmacy’s staff. ESP teacher who designs the educational technologies should be aware of the psychology of professional communication in the process of pharmaceutical care. For improving ESP teaching, cooperation with the different departments (Bioethics, Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management) of Kursk State Medical University is carried out. The development of the future pharmacists’ professional communication is viewed as the development of skills and behaviors necessary for their professional activity, and it becomes efficient only in case of using interdisciplinary links of the discipline ‘Foreign language’ with the other academic disciplines.

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