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Lost and Found. University students’ motivation: The LSP teachers’ perspectives

Viktória Lazár

Viktória Lázár teaches business English and presentation skills at Budapest Business School (Hungary). She is an experienced teacher of in-company courses of various areas of ESP. At the present she is a doctoral student working on her dissertation “Learner beliefs and goal setting in language learning: The perspective of ESP”. She is a keen supporter of teacher well-being, and student goal-setting.

The research conducted among language learners over the years have proved that the very nature of language learning motivation is dynamic, temporal and also task-dependent. However, not only learners but teachers can provide valuable insights on language learners’ motivation. The primary aim of this qualitative research was to present a group of LSP teachers’ views on the nature of their students’ motivation. The secondary aim was to understand how teachers interpret their roles in the motivation process, and how the ebbs and flows of their students’ motivation influence their professional identities. The research was done among LSP teachers (N = 22) of five languages (English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish), working at the same department which is responsible for teaching LSP and other language-related skills at a business university (Hungary). Semi-structured interviews were conducted, the responses were recorded, transcribed, and then coded with the RQDA software. The findings showed the paths LSP students’ motivation can take according to the LSP teachers: from the initial motivation to demotivation, or from amotivation to remotivation. The responses also shed light on areas where LSP teachers think they can or cannot intervene in the motivational process, and the unique role LSP plays in students’ remotivation. Finally, the affective responses teachers give to their students’ lost or found motivation are presented.

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