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Konference Výuka ekonomického jazyka na vysokých školách

How peer activities changed my classroom

Ioana Kocurova-Giurgiu

Ioana Kocurova-Giurgiu graduated with a major in Journalism & Communication and a M.A in Translation Studies, focusing on holy writings and script adaptation for television. As a trainer, built a course in Business Communication Competences that is run successfully at Skoda Auto University in the Czech Republic, and it incorporates workshops that promote transferrable skills required in the current labor market. Also designed the current course in English for Academic Purposes and Academic Writing in English, run at the same institution. Runs Cambridge exams preparation courses and acts as a certified Cambridge examiner for the British Council. Currently interested in motivation and motivating factors in the learning process focusing on student interaction and immersion learning.

Peer learning and teaching activities are among the most preferred teaching methods in progressive educational systems. While still not as popular in conventional environments, such activities are more and more required by the students in terms of gaining freedom and taking responsibility for their learning. Although a lot of professionals in education are familiar with many of the techniques and activities, still some, if not most of them, struggle to successfully implement them into their classrooms. Whether this is due to a lack of training, institutional support, or simple ignorance is not yet fully clear. This talk aims at providing professionals with a sample of some of the activities and their application. Participants will also be able to see how student knowledge can be used to teach and expand on topics while making such subjects relevant and student centered. These activities will also help bring more dynamics into the classroom as well as more autonomy and less teacher talk time.

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