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Online authentic texts in Business English classes – a practical perspective

Žaneta Pavlíková, Katarína Zamborová

Dr. Katarina Zamborova is an English teacher and scholar at the Faculty of Applied languages of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her degree is in Teaching English and Slovak and her PhD. is in Teaching Foreign Languages. She has 10 plus years of experience of teaching at international schools, high schools and universities. Her field of interest is student-centered teaching, self-directed learning, ESL, English for Specific Purposes and innovative methods of teaching foreignb languages.

Foreign language teaching is a matter of course in all types of schools in today’s globalized world. Teaching foreign languages at tertiary level should prepare students for active use of language in professional practice. In Western countries, information communication technologies (ICT), such as computers and the Internet, are commonly used in the teaching process. The Slovak Republic is one of those countries that do not make sufficient use of these technological achievements. We live in a time when almost every child, every student owns a smartphone, a computer and has internet access. It is important to realize that young people are very skilled in this area and that the use of the Internet is not a problem for them. Using ICT in the teaching of a foreign language in the tertiary sector, can greatly contribute to students´ better preparedness for the labour market, whether at home or abroad. The use of these technologies also contributes to reaching high effectivity in the learning process, increases students‘ motivation to learn the language itself, leads to logical thinking and increases the ability to express themselves in communication. In the article the authors focus on the practical usage of online authentic texts in teaching English for specific purposes mainly at the tertiary sector of education. The main purpose of the authors is to discuss the issue of authenticity in ESP classrooms and give a practical picture of the possibilities offerd by the wide range of online authentic texts. The main goal of the authors is to prove that by using authentic on-line texts, a communicative situation can be achieved in the teaching of a foreign language, which can be transformed into an authentic communicative situation with the help and guidance of the teacher.

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