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Konference Výuka ekonomického jazyka na vysokých školách

A gamification experiment to encourage learner motivation

Eva Lukáčová

Eva Lukáčová has been teaching ESP at the Faculty of Economics of Masaryk University since 2007. I teach B2 and C1 Business English courses and am also involved in development and implementation of assessment tools. My particular interest lies in gamification of education.

Teaching ESP at a faculty specialized in non-language fields of study might be challenging. Language learning is sometimes perceived as secondary, which further lowers the levels of student  motivation, resulting in difficulties in achieving the progress required by the faculty. Coupled with insufficient entry level of English, this often leads to unsatisfactory study success rates. To boost student motivation to work on their language outside class, and thus help them manage the relatively demanding tests, I offered the students extra exercises to practise skills in need of improvement, and, implementing gamification principles, inserted an element of entertainment by rewarding the task completion. The rewards ranged from simple point collection to using the points to advance a story in teams of four students. In the presentation, I would like to share the results of this experiment and show its impact on motivation levels and study results

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