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Zpět DAJ2 Language Skills for Employability part 1

9.11.2017 — 10.11.2017

We would like to invite you to a seminar called Language Skills for Employability. First part of the seminar is lead by a communication professional, EAP consultant and tutor, Tristan Lee. The seminar will focus on CV and cover letter writing, cultural context of English-speaking organizations, bulding your personal brand and much more.

WHEN: 9-10 November 2017

+ 17/11/2017 deadline for submission of a written task

FOR: Masaryk University students and academics (The course can be awarded 2 ECTS. )

WHERE: Komenského nám. 2, Brno; Thursday 9. 11. 13:00–16:30 KOM 257, Friday 10. 11. 13:00–16:30 KOM 213

Registration: koordinator@cjv.muni.cz

Teacher: Tristan Lee; učo 233832

Tristan Lee is a communication professional with background in internal communication, ELT and academic publishing. He gained project management and editorial skills at Routledge, Wiley and Oxford University Press. He translated this experience into communications role at Infineum (Shell–Exxon Mobil), where he wrote a crisp, engaging copy serving a range of strategic objectives. Currently contracted at Masaryk University Language Centre, working on several innovative EAP courses.

Specialties: English for Academic Purposes (EAP), Internal Communications, Copywriting, Copy-editing, Proofreading, Project Management, Content Development, Teaching, Publishing

Seminar/session Content

1 General principles of CV and cover letter writing

(09/11/17: 13:00–14:30 – 90 min)

Understanding the purpose of CV and cover letters;

Understanding CVs in an English language context.

2  CV writing

(09/11/14: 15:00–16:30 – 90 min)

Choosing the right format;

Understanding how CV English differs from academic English;

What to include and what to leave out.

3 Cover letter writing

(10/11/17: 13:00–14:30 – 90 min)

Understanding: the purpose of cover letters; key ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’;

How to structure a cover letter.

4 Summary and discussion

(10/11/2017: 15:00–16:30 – 90 min)

CVs and cover letters online;


Getting feedback;

Exploring the cultural context of English-language organizations – discussion.

5 Follow-up submissions of CVs and cover letters Participants to submit (via email) a CV and cover letter by 17/11/2017. Feedback to be returned to the students via email by 24/11/2017.

CV & Cover Letter Writing: Course Outline

1) General principles of CV/cover letter writing

  • Introduction: What are CVs for?
    • Course overview and aims;
    • The ‚what‘ and ‚why‘ of CVs (how CVs fit into the overall recruitment process);
    • The differences between CVs aimed at academic, public and private sector organizations.
  • Your personal brand – understanding what you offer
  • Researching the organization
  • Researching the role.

2) CV writing

  • Structure: Choosing the format that shows you at your best
  • ‘CV speak’: How CV English differs from academic writing style
  • What to include: the profile paragraph, ‘career objectives and hobbies’ paragraph
  • What to leave out.

3) Cover letter writing

  • What are cover letters for?
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • A useful structure for cover letters

4) Summary and discussion

  • How do CVs and cover letters fit into your online presence;
  • How to use Linkedin to support your application;
  • How to improve your CV and cover letter writing – asking for feedback;
  • Exploring the cultural context of English-language organizations – how might English language employers’ expectations differ from those of Czech Employers? (group discussion).

5) Submissions of students’ CVs and cover letters (deadline 17/11/2017)

Students are given an opportunity to apply the ideas presented in the seminars to their CV and cover letter writing. These should support a real job application to a real organization, past, present or future.


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