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Zpět Intensive Czech Language Course for Foreigners

Centrum jazykového vzdělávání MU (Komenského nám. 220/2, Brno )

The Intensive Czech Language Course for Foreigners is designed as a one- or two-semester preparation course for passing the entrance exams in Czech language to study programmes at universities in the Czech Republic.

With 1200 hours per academic year (40 hours a week – 25 tuition and 15 individual work), students study both, General Czech as well as Czech for Specific Purposes, such as engineering, humanities, or medicine. Our teachers are available for individual consultations to assist students with their learning.

Organizer: Masaryk University Language Centre

Language: English

Term: Academic year 2017/2018


Early bird registration for 2 semesters: 4 100 EUR / participant
Standard registration for 2 semesters : 4 500 EUR / participant
Early bird registration for 1st semester: 2 050 EUR / participant
Standard registration for 1st semester: 2 250 EUR / participant

Registration and payment: 2-semester course / 1-semester course

Designed for: beginners with no previous knowledge of Czech language. For applicants with some previous knowledge of the language, we offer the possibility to join the course during the semester based on an individual agreement. It is also possible to join the course for one semester only.

1st semester – General Czech (2/3 of the course)

  • Czech grammar
  • Czech vocabulary
  • Czech pronunciation
  • Topics useful for an everyday issues – visiting a doctor, shopping, transport, introducing yourself, etc.

2nd semester – General Czech + Czech for Specific Purposes (1/3 of the course)

  • Czech grammar, vocabulary pronunciation
  • Czech vocabulary as used in a particular field (medicine, engineering, humanities, etc.)
  • Visiting university lectures and seminars

Once in two weeks, students are offered a cultural programme (an exhibition, a movie, a lecture, etc.)

Contact: koordinator@cjv.muni.cz

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