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This service consists of online tutorials focused on academic writing in English. Students produce an academic text or use an extract from an academic text. The maximum length of the text/extract is 1,500 words. The texts will be reviewed by a UK text analyst whose task is to produce formative feedback.  After having received the feedback, the students can contact the analyst for clarification, explanation or discussion. Each student using this service is required to write a short reaction on to what extent the feedback was useful to the course coordinator.


  • Students contacts the coordinator Zuzana Janoušková ( with the following information:
    1. name of the author and their “učo”
    2. title of the text
    3. type of the text, for example: abstract, the methodology section of a journal article, or a part of a chapter.
  • The coordinator informs the student about the expected deadline.
  • The coordinator sends the feedback to the student.
  • The students writes a short comment on how useful the feedback was (100 words minimum) and informs the coordinator if they would like to get in contact with the analyst.
  • If the analyst is supposed to be contacted, the coordinator informs the analyst and puts the student and the analyst in contact.

Each student who has gone successfully through the process (sent a text, got feedback and sent his short commentary) is considered a successful participant of a DAJ2-IND course with two credits.

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