Back Improve your Language Skills for Employability with Farah Coppola

12.3.2019 — 15.3.2019

Workshops in a week from 11/3 to 15/3:

1. Discovering strengths – Tuesday 12 March: 2 p.m.-3.40 p.m.

2. Step-by-step goal setting – Tuesday 12 March: 4 p.m.-5.40 p.m.

3. Creating the brand you – Thursday 14 March: 2 p.m.-3.40 p.m.

4. Your personal pitch – Thursday 14 March: 4 p.m.-5.40 p.m.

5. The perfect LinkedIn profile – Friday 15 March: 10 a.m.-11.40 a.m.

6. The key to successful networking – Friday 15 March: 12-1.40 p.m.

The program is subject to change.


Farah Coppola – About me

I have a passion for communication which I combine with my love for teaching. As public speaker, lecturer and trainer I passionately conduct workshops, trainings and seminars about Communications Skills & Career Development.
I have been teaching at The Hague University for almost 3 years with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication at the faculty of Technology, Innovation & Society. Furthermore, I am the founder of Mind Elevators, an organization that specializes in teaching success skills to students and young professionals. We live in a world with rapid changes and there is a lot of pressure on generations Y and Z. These unique generations create success in their own way and strive for greatness. I am dedicated to help them develop their personal and professionals skills in order to grow.

Place: Masaryk University Language Centre, Komenského nám. 2

Registration for PhD. students (via IS)

Registration for other participants (postdoc, academics)

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