FIESOLE Group Symposium 2018

On March 19 and 20, the Masaryk University Language Centre organized an open working meeting of a professional group within the MUNI 4.0 project aimed at promoting doctoral and post-doctoral mobility in Europe and beyond. The FIESOLE Group Symposium, the topic of which was the effective use of new technologies in teaching, research and the academic community, gathered experts from leading European universities (Humboldt University in Berlin, University College London (UCL), School of Oriental and African Studies, London), Pompeu Farba a UoB, Barcelona, European University Institute, Florence).

The Symposium also featured a panel discussion with active participation of MU students, discussing how effective use of new technologies may improve (or may jeopardize) the quality of teaching, communication within the academic community. Also discussed was how to prepare doctoral candidates for working in an international environment and for presenting of their scientific work to an international audience.

Selected video recordings of the Symposium are available here:

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