Videoconferencing in Language Education: Call for Chapters

Editors: Libor Stepanek and Katerina Sedlackova

Proposal Submission Deadline:         28th November 2016
Notification of Acceptance:               20th December 2016
Full Chapter Submission:                  30th April 2017

Videoconferencing has been available for more than thirty years; however, it is only the last decade it has reached a level of usability which enables its effective application in real academic settings. Teachers in Higher Education today use videoconferencing in a wide range of situations, which creates a positive impact on language development, learner motivation and autonomy, authenticity of learning processes, and cultural awareness and understanding. In order to examine current theories, methodological development, and effective practice, Masaryk University is planning to produce a publication on the theme of videoconferencing in academic language education, and invites proposals for chapters.

Building on theory and research, this book aims to share good practices and innovative ideas which have been successfully applied in the area of videoconferencing in language teaching and learning in the context of Higher Education. It will offer practical ideas and methodologies, advantages and challenges of new approaches, and “what, how and why” of individual cases, so that readers can apply them in their own contexts. It will help language teachers and teacher trainers develop skills and confidence, and inspire them to reflect on their own teaching practices. It will also offer insights on the impact of videoconferencing practices on learners and learning processes.

Target Audience
The main audience of this publication will be primarily language teachers and teacher trainers in a Higher Education context around the world. It can also be useful to teachers of other disciplines, researchers, and anyone who is interested in language teaching, learning and the use of videoconferencing.

Recommended Topics of Chapters
Contributors are welcome to submit 3500–5000 word chapters that focus on videoconferencing (VC) and are related to language teaching, teacher training and language learning in Higher Education contexts. For the purposes of this publication, we define videoconferencing as the use of telecommunication technologies that allow two or more groups of students in different locations to share non-desktop face-to-face sessions and communicate by simultaneous video and audio transmissions without having to move to a single classroom. The chapters should be practical in nature, with tips, ideas and suggestions.

Recommended topics for submissions are:
– VC courses
– VC language skills activities
– VC intercultural skills activities
– VC project and collaborative activities
– synchronous and asynchronous communication in VC courses
– irregular use of VC in traditional language courses
– balancing VC and non-VC parts of VC courses
– syllabus of VC courses
– organisation of VC courses
– communication among teachers in VC courses
– roles of a teacher in VC
– roles of a learner in VC
– teacher training
– assessment
– technological issues

Submission Procedure
Authors are invited to submit on or before 28th November 2016 a title and a 500–800 word chapter proposal defining the scope of the chapter and explaining its likely content. Applicants will be notified by 20th December 2016 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter guidelines. Selection criteria will include relevance to target audience, clear definition of focus and a direct link to videoconferencing. Successful applicants are expected to submit their full chapter by 30th April 2017.

Note: There are no submission or acceptance fees for manuscripts submitted to this publication. All manuscripts are accepted based on a double-blind peer review editorial process. Editorial decisions on acceptance will be final and not open to further negotiation.

Applications should be submitted by 28th November 2016 to Marta Rybickova (

Dr. Marta Rybickova
Masaryk University Language Centre
Komenskeho namesti 2,
602 00, Brno
Czech Republic
Tel.: +42(0)549497520

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