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The Language Centre of Masaryk University is a university-wide institute providing education in foreign languages and testing language proficiency of students of all individual faculties of Masaryk University with the exception of the arts disciplines. It is comprised of eight departments and a common coordination workplace. For students of all forms of study (i.e. Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral study programmes in presentational and combined form), five foreign languages can be learned on the academic or technical level – English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.  Furthermore, students in the faculties of medicine and law alike can take courses in technical terminology in Latin. The LC also offers intensive courses in Czech for foreigners and in Czech technical terminology to foreign medical faculty and law faculty students.


Its own research activity and participation in innovation and educational projects enable development of the LC’s educational methods and overall innovation.  Today, the project IMPACT – Innovation, Methodology and Quality of Language Teaching and Language for Specific Purposes Teaching in the Tertiary Sphere in the Czech Republic – is the largest grant project. This three-year program began in 2012 loosely following in the footsteps of the previous three-year project COMPACT. Its ambition however reaches beyond the borders of its home institution. Outcomes of such projects include a series of technical seminars for foreign language instructors and teachers lecturing in a foreign language, innovative educational courses for students, technical conferences, new teaching materials and publications.

 When teaching foreign languages, LC lecturers apply modern educational methods (e.g. autonomous learning, collaborative learning, peer review and others), as well as advanced information technology (state-of-the-art audio-visual classroom equipped for videoconferencing education, e-learning courses and support, proprietary software for peer review, use of so-called flip video cameras for assessing speaking performance and presentation skills, etc.). LC employees receive an overview of the latest trends in teaching through foreign work visits, conferences and the network of domestic and international cooperation. The LC maintains long-term partnerships with numerous foreign universities and cooperates closely with other education organizations such as the Czech and Slovak Association of Language Centre Teachers at Universities (CASAJC) or the European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education (CercleS).

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