Guide for International Students

Guide for foreign students interested in studying at Masaryk University

1. How to apply for our courses

Czech Courses for Foreigners
  • Read the course description, admission requirements and the cancellation policy.
  • Fill in the application form.
  • After the payment, you will receive a receipt of admission and instructions about the course.
  • The course will be completed by passing the final examination and obtaining the certificate of completion.
  • By filling in the application form, the student confirms that he/she has read and agreed to all conditions of the application.

2. How to apply for studies at Masaryk University

Programmes in Czech
  • After you choose a field of study (see below), you have to fill in the entrance application and pay the application fee.
  • The application period is 1 November – 28 February.
  • The entrance application has to be filled in and submitted electronically at this website.
  • The application fee is CZK 600 per application (CZK 400 for the Faculty of Social Studies) and is non-refundable.
  • For the entrance exams, you will have to pass the Learning Potential Test (TSP) or a field-specific test. More information about the admission process for programmes in Czech can be found at this link.
    • For the information about entrance exam at the Faculty of Medicine please go to this page.
Programmes in English

You can find all the detailed information about specific faculties and programmes HERE.

3. Accommodation in halls of residence / private accommodation

  • The Language Centre can help you obtain a place in the halls of residence of Masaryk University or another university in Brno – please mention that you are interested when applying. Please note that the number of places is limited.
  • Masaryk University offers a number of different types of accommodation in halls of residence within the price range of CZK 100–180 (EUR 3.3–6) per person per night. The exact price list can be found here.
  • Once your slot in the halls is confirmed, you can apply for your accommodation via the ISKAM reservation system. You will need to enter your UČO (university identification number at MU) as the username, and the MU primary password. All these data will be provided after the successful admission to our course.
  • Private  accommodation:

4. Applying for Visa

  • Students from EU Member States do not need a visa for studying in the Czech Republic.
  • If you come from a country outside of EU, you have to obtain a long-term visa or residence permit for the purpose of studies.
  • Visa procedures are dealt with by Embassies or Consulates General of the Czech Republic abroad. The application process can take up to 90 days.
  • The application form can be downloaded here.
  • More information, requirements and other details are listed on the official website of the Czech Ministry of the Interior.
  • The applicant will receive a study confirmation letter and a proof of accommodation (in the case of Masaryk University halls of residence) from us.

Detailed information on visa and entry formalities

Registration at the Foreign Police Department is compulsory for all foreign nationals staying in the Czech Republic for more than 30 days. They must register within 3 days after the date of arrival in the country. Read more about this obligation here. PLEASE NOTE: if you are staying in a University hall, they will carry out this procedure for you.

5. List of Masaryk University programmes taught in Czech

Masaryk University offers study programmes at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. The complete list with programme descriptions can be found here.

6. Recognition of equivalence of foreign education certificates (primary, secondary and tertiary vocational education)

In case the student applies for study at Masaryk Univerity, he/she shall address the Office for Studies of the relevant faculty regarding the recognition. Masaryk University has an institutional accreditation, and therefore it is allowed to recognize foreign education through internal processes. The application for study at MU need not be attached a diploma or a certificate of secondary education. This is because often students have not been issued one by the application date. The diploma or secondary education certificate must be submitted at enrolment at the latest. However, each faculty has its own procedure of processing the application and admissions and it shall ask students for the documents. Education shall be then recognized internally by the faculty. This system should apply also at the Brno University of Technology, Charles University and Palacký University Olomouc. Each student must verify what the procedures are at the institution where he/she applies.

If the student wants to obtain a universal recognition of education which is valid also for other purposes and is not time-limited, it may be carried out at Masaryk University, but only for higher education diplomas.

For information go to: Recognition of foreign higher education and qualification | Masaryk University (

A certificate of secondary education may only be recognized by the Department of Education of the relevant Regional Authority. Recognition:

7. Insurance, medical care and other useful contacts

  • Students from EU

If you have a valid health insurance in your home country, you should apply for the EU health insurance card (EHIC). This free card gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, under the same conditions and at the same cost as get people insured in that country. The cards are issued by your national health insurance provider. Please note that EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. It does not cover any private healthcare or costs such as a return flight to your home country or lost/stolen property.

  • Students from countries outside the EU

Based on international agreements, medical travel insurance is not required from citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba, Japan, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Serbia, and the United States of America..

All other foreign students who intend to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days are required to purchase comprehensive health insurance coverage. You will be asked to submit a proof of Czech health insurance when applying for the visa. The minimum coverage limit is EUR 60,000 and the insurance must be purchased for the entire period of stay.

You should conclude your travel medical insurance in the scope of comprehensive healthcare as required by the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals exclusively with the company Pojišťovna VZP, a.s. Please read up more on the medical insurance here.

Foreigners living in the Czech Republic with valid health insurance are entitled to visit general practitioners, dentists and emergency departments for free.

  • Masaryk University provides its students the opportunity to visit the university GP, as well as other specialists. The contacts to English-speaking doctors can be found here.


  • Finding a job for foreign students in Brno: citizens of EU countries can work the maximum of 300 hours per year, citizens of non-EU countries need to acquire a work permit if they want to work more than 150 hours per year. More information about working in the Czech Republic as well as current job offers can be found on this website.
  • The complete guide for international students with further information and contacts is available on the CZS MU website.

8. FAQ

  • Will I get my money back if I do not qualify for the visa?

Yes, in case you are not able to obtain the visa for any reason, you will take the course online. Please, check our Cancellation Policy for the complete information and requirements for refunds.

  • When do I have to transfer the payment?

The payment should be made within 14 days after submitting your order. However, you should take into consideration how long it will take to obtain the visa.

  • Can I pay the course fee in cash after I arrive in the Czech Republic?

No, the payment must be made only via bank transfer or by card.

  • Will the course prepare me for the entrance exam and help with my specialisation in studies?

You will be provided basic terminology for the entrance exam for study at Masaryk University. If you wish to complete the specialized preparation for your future study, you can also apply for preparatory entrance exam courses offered by MU faculties:

For admission requirements at MU see:

11. STUDY IN iniciative

You will find detailed information about what to study in the Czech Republic, how to apply, recognition of previous education, how to live and work in the Czech Republic and a lot of interesting facts about the country here:

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