Language courses for foreign students

We are providing education in foreign languages and testing language proficiency of students of all faculties of Masaryk University. Also, we are offering specialized courses for PhD students, paid language courses and English language summer schools.

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Recommended courses

Colourful Czech for Foreigners

Semester courses for students at beginners’ or pre-intermediate level. 

— fast speaking progress
— communicative activities
— focus on the practical use of language
— special working aids, which help students understand the structure of Czech sentences through colours

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English Autonomously

Accept responsibility for your learning and set the goals according to your needs. Choose the strategies that are appropriate and effective and monitor the progress of your own learning. Develop in areas that are important for you, necessary for acquiring a foreign language, for your university studies as well as for your future career.

"I couldn´t believe something like this course appeared among other courses at our university. It´s finally a concept comparable to Nordic education system. Many thanks to every member of the project.
I enjoyed it a lot.”
Jan Novák, participant of the course

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What is the offer for PhD and postdoc students?


Paid courses

Language courses

Language courses

We are offering Chinese, Swahili and Czech courses which are taught through English. Also, we are providing courses of English, Spanish, Russian and other languages.

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English language summer schools

English language summer schools

We are organizing summer schools focused on the development of communication and study skills in English. Also, we are opening summer school preparing students for university studies.

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