Workshop: Applied leadership

  • 31 January – 2 February 2024
  • CJV MU, Komenského nám. 2, Brno

This workshop will include a mix of theoretical input, individual reflection, case studies, group activities and discussions and peer coaching to provide participants with a well-rounded learning experience. Dr. Sabina Schaffner's expertise as Director of the Language Center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, professional coach, and experienced international leader will ensure a rich and practical learning environment for university staff seeking to enhance their leadership skills.

The course is intended only for senior MU employees or staff members in management positions. 

Programme outline

Session I: Identity as a Leader in a University setting

Participants will reflect on the role of personal values underpinning their own leadership approach. They will:

  • conceptualise leadership,
  • recognise and reflect on the personal values and challenges underpinning their own
    leadership approach

Session II: Self-Leadership and Self-Management

Participants will reflect and exchange on aspects of self-leadership and self-management. They will:

  • revisit their time and stress management strategies,
  • reflect on their success expectations and success management,
  • gain insight into alternative strategies of self-leadership.

Session III: Leadership and Communication

Participants will reflect on their own communication skills and practices as a leader. They will:

  • understand the importance of communication in leadership,
  • reflect on effective communication skills,
  • revisit appropriate means of communication with staff (individuals and teams),
  • exchange about communication strategies in change management.

Session IV: Leadership and Conflict Management

Participants will exchange on their conflict management practice and apply tools of conflict analysis and conflict management. They will:

  • reflect on their own conflict biography,
  • identify different types of conflicts,
  • apply conflict analysis tools,
  • plan appropriate interventions in conflicts,
  • apply basic rules of conflict management.

Workshop leader:

Dr. Sabina Schaffner

  • multilingual coach and trainer with leadership experience in a university environment
  • more about Sabina Schaffner

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„Hrazeno z projektu MUNI 3.2.1., č. projektu NPO_MUNI_MSMT-16606/2022​“

Language of instruction
When 31 January – 2 February 2024
31. 1.–2. 2. 2024
Participants MU Staff, MU employees
Sabina Schaffner
Free for MU employees
The course is intended only for senior MU employees or staff members in management positions. 
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