Language teaching assistant

The course is intended for Erasmus students who are native speakers of the target language and seek experience in language teaching – English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

Students will be expected to cooperate with a Language Centre teacher on preparation as well as delivery of language classes for academic or specific purposes (LSP, LAP). Each of the students will be contacted by one Language Centre teacher. The teacher will be in charge of the course and responsible for its quality. S/he will guide the student in terms of language teaching methodology. The students will team-teach with the teacher, assist him/her or otherwise enhance the quality of the sessions. The students will be expected to complete a full semester course, cooperating with one teacher.

Successful  students will be awarded a certificate and credits.

Deadline for Spring semester 2019:   3rd March 2019 

Choose your language:

LSP_TA_E = Language teaching assistant – English

LSP_TA_F = Assistant d’enseignant du français sur objectifs universitaires et spécifiques

LSP_TA_G = Lehrerassistent im Fremdsprachenunterricht – Deutsch als akademische und Fachsprache

LSP_TA_R = Ассистент преподавателя «Иностранного языка для академических и профессиональных целей»

LSP_TA_S = Asistente del profesor en cursos de lengua con fines académicos y específicos

LSP_TA_Ch = Language teaching assistant – Chinese

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