Online Writing Gab Series: Drafting is both a mess and a process

Do you ever read published articles in your field and think, "Wow - it's so well-written, so perfect." And then you look at the paper you're working on and think, "Oh geez (Aww geez Rick!) - it's a horrible mess. That published author must be a genius who can write perfectly every time, and I'm a hopeless case who will never publish anything." Well, if you have ever thought that, you're not alone. But also, you're wrong! Every good piece of writing starts with a shitty first draft (or dozens of them, actually).

In this Zoom session, Abbie and Joe will share our experiences and ideas about getting started on writing projects. We'll show you a few of our own shitty first drafts; we'll share some resources that will make you more comfortable in your writing process; and finally, we'll share some specific tips and tricks to help you shake off some of those writing anxieties which we all feel. You'll be able to share your thoughts and ask questions too.

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