The highest number of researchers join 2021 Virtual Teaching Practice Week

On Monday, 3rd of May, MU Language Centre organises its 4th Teaching Practice Week for excellent researchers. Ten fellows from European University Institute in Florence will join Masaryk University courses and teach online seminars for students of Law, Arts, Social Studies and Economics.

29. 4. 2021

Fellows and organisers of Teaching Practice Week 2020.

The ten scholars who are part of the Max Weber Programme, the largest postdoctoral programme in Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe, will be teaching 20 seminars spread across two weeks in May:

3-7 May
  • Maria Dyveke Styve: What can we learn about the global history of capitalism by studying South African economic and social history?                                             
  • Wanshu Cong: The Rise and Fall of the Principle of Non-interference                                             
  • Rona Dinur: What is the right thing to do? And what does the law have to do with that?​ Introduction to moral and political philosophy for lawyers
  • Alvaro Enrique Pereira: Startup Law:​ Can the Law Influence the Success of Innovative Companies?                   
  • Joy Emma Neumeyer: Late Soviet culture's obsession with death and its relationship to the decline and fall of the Soviet state                                         
  • Andrés María Vicent Fanconi: Monarchy in Historical Perspective
17-21 May
  • Christos Aliprantis: History of state formation, revolutions and radical movements in western, central and southern Europe, 1789-1914
  • Weverthon Barbosa Machado: Surveying the several ways families are connected to inequality                                  
  • Orfeas Chasapis Tassinis: International Law
  • Agnieszka Jabłonowska: Dark patterns in consumer markets: between the legal norms on unfair commercial practices and data protection

Since last year, the Teaching Practice Week is being held virtually but after the success of TPW 2020 and two full semesters of online teaching, the scholars are ready to practise in distance mode more than ever. As part of the programme, CJV staff members will be accompanying all fellows during their 2 online seminars, providing consultations, detailed feedbacks and observations and other pedagogical support. Even though Max Weber researchers cannot visit the city of Brno, they will explore it through an online cultural programme prepared by the organisational team.

If you are interested in joining this year’s classes, please contact us at for Zoom links.

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