Čeština pro zahraniční studenty

We are organizing intensive Czech courses for those, who want to prepare for studying, living or working in the Czech Republic. Also, we are offering non-intensive Czech for Exchange students which take place once a week.

Guide for International Students

Long-term courses

Intensive Czech Language Courses

Do you want to study, work or live in the Czech Republic? These courses are designed as 1 year preparation courses or Six-Months super intensive course for passing the entrance exams in Czech language to study programmes at universities in the Czech Republic.

Current offer

Short-term courses

Morning courses

Czech for Exchange Students

Czech for Exchange students courses are ideal for students at beginners’ or pre-intermediate level. They are open to students, as well as to the public. Fast speaking progress, communicative activities and focus on the practical use of language guaranteed!

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Evening courses

Czech for Foreigners offers 1 lesson per week and the course is available on multiple levels from A1 to A2/2.

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