Improve your Academic Writing !FULL!

  • 11. prosince 2020
    14:00 – 17:15

This course is full. Please check our other courses.

The MU Language Center has organized an English writing course specifically aimed at doctoral students of all fields. This course introduces the essentials of academic writing that can be effectively adopted in writing project and grant proposals. The course consists of a group online session for all participants, an individual one to one online session with the instructor and personalized feedback on a writing task of your choice.

In this session, the focus will be on improving your general standard of academic writing. This will include information on the important components of academic writing, appropriate academic style, use of formal vocabulary and passive voice, appropriate linking words and signposting, effective use of sentences and paragraphs including their proper structure in academic writing and more.

Students will be asked to submit a sample of their writing, which they will receive formative feedback on.

The course will be held online. We are looking forward to working with you.

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