Legal case studies for practical group work, writing practice and a live presentation: Reflecting on self-reflection and peer-to-peer feedback

  • 8. prosince 2021
  • CJV MU, Komenského nám. 2, Room 213

The idea is to come away from the workshop with a set of cross-disciplinary guidelines for students on 1. How to constructively give peer-to-peer feedback and 2. How to constructively "self-reflect", with regard to performance in tasks.

The workshop will include:
A) Overview of the task: Written Case note and Live presentation (in groups of four students)             
Brief description of the task: Brief written report in the form of a Case note (using template) on a Legal Judgement from an English-language legal system or from an International Court where English is the language of the case, including a comparison with a similar or related case from participants' own jurisdictions, followed up by a Live presentation of the material and short discussion           

B) What the students did on the day (and how it went)
C) Reflection: Feedback and Self-Reflection (among colleagues)
D) Action: Drafting a Set of Guidelines  (among colleagues)

Lecturer: David Best, Université Libre de Bruxelles 

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