Poznávejme spolu Česko

  • 22. září – 5. prosince 2022
  • Brno

The course will be held in English and it follows the line of experiential education and andragogy. It is intended for foreigners who live in the Czech Republic. The program is interactive so that the Czech culture can be presented via literature, music, film, art, etc. Through its attractive form, the participants can gain insight into Czech society - traditions, rituals, and everyday life. Some basic topics are covered within the usual language courses, nevertheless, there is normally not enough time devoted to them.

The experiential background that forms the basis of the course enables us to go beyond the informative framework and dive into the specifics of Czech society. Participants can thus perceive our country in a more complex way which will definitely contribute to an easier and more natural integration into life in the Czech society.

Students will:
get to know Czech culture - literature, film, music, etc.;
understand how Czech society works;
integrate more easily and naturally into the life in our country.

The plan is modified every semester as to the cultural events program available and also as to the wishes and interests of the participants.

Time: Thursday, 18:00-19:30

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