Project Skills in English (ELF course)

  • Přibližně září – prosinec 2022
  • ELF online platform

Opening: Autumn 2022


The goal of this MU Language Centre course is to familiarize Ph.D. candidates with essentials of academic writing skills that can be effectively adopted in writing project and grant proposals. It presents an overview on the fundamental concepts of grant application and project writing and offers practice-oriented insight into ways to improve both academic language and project-specific skills of the participants. The course is completely online and self-paced, students can review specific seminars or move forward in case of already familiar topics, adjusting the course to their specific needs. 

Information on the course:  

  • As per-requisite of the project, the registration will be managed by the Language Centre of Masaryk University.
  • Registration will be through self-enrollment in ELF. After registering, the participant will receive an email confirming the registration and the participant will also be contacted by the responsible administrator from the Language Centre to formalize the participation in the course. 
  • This course has been created as a part of IGA project No. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/19_073/0016943.

Seminar 1: Introduction to the Course 
Seminar 2: Key Concepts of Writing, Characteristics, Academic Writing versus Project Writing 
Seminar 3: Different Types of Grants, Sponsors and Stakeholders 
Seminar 4: Grantsmanship: Project Stages 1-3 
Seminar 5: Grantsmanship: Project Stages 4-7 
Seminar 6: Structure of a Project Proposal, Common Proposal Section 
Seminar 7: Project Language: Articles, Prepositions 
Seminar 8: Project Language: Nominalization, Passive versus Active Voice 
Seminar 9: Project Language: Bullet Points, Sentences 
Seminar 10: Project Language: Paragraphs, Cohesion 
Seminar 11: Project Language: Formal versus informal Style 
Seminar 12: Reflection on the Proposal, Feedback and Peer Review 
Seminar 13: Course Review – Seminars 1 - 6 
Seminar 14: Course Review – Seminars 7 - 12

  • If you are a novice grant/project application writer, we suggest that you complete the entire course.
  • If you are an experienced grant/project application writer, we recommend that you choose what you need to refine your grant writing skills.
  • Please also note that it is not necessary to complete this course within a specific time period and that this course can be started and stopped at any moment in time.

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