jazykového vzdělávání MU

Zpět Curriculum Design Model (Backward Design)

Centrum jazykového vzdělávání MU (Komenského nám. 220/2, Brno )

Seminář proběhne ve čtvrtek v 15:00 na Komenského nám. 2, v jazykové studovně (213).

Lecturer: Alev Elmali Özsaray, Hacettepe University, School of Foreign Languages  & Department of Basic English

Teachers are designers. An essential act of our profession is the design of curriculum and learning experiences to meet specified purposes. We are also designers of assessments to diagnose student needs to guide our teaching and to enable us, our students, and others (parents and administrators) to determine whether our goals have been achieved; that is, did the students learn and understand the desired knowledge?

Like other design professions, such as architecture, engineering, or graphic arts, designers in education must be mindful of their audiences. Professionals in these fields are strongly client centered.

This backward approach to curricular design also departs from another common practice: thinking about assessment as something we do at the end, once teaching is completed.


Contact person: Martina Šindelářová Skupeňová (13766@mail.muni.cz)






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