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Zpět Improve your Language Skills for Employability with Farah Coppola

12.3.2019 — 15.3.2019
Centrum jazykového vzdělávání MU (Komenského nám. 220/2, Brno )

Workshops in a week from 11/3 to 15/3:

1. Discovering strengths – Tuesday 12 March: 2 p.m.-3.40 p.m.

2. Pitch your PhD – How do you present your research?” – Tuesday 12 March: 4 p.m.-5.40 p.m.

3. Creating the brand you – Thursday 14 March: 2 p.m.-3.40 p.m.

4. Your personal pitch – Thursday 14 March: 4 p.m.-5.40 p.m.

5. The perfect LinkedIn profile – Friday 15 March: 10 a.m.-11.40 a.m.

6. The key to successful networking – Friday 15 March: 12-1.40 p.m.

The program is subject to change.


Farah Coppola – About me

I have a passion for communication which I combine with my love for teaching. As public speaker, lecturer and trainer I passionately conduct workshops, trainings and seminars about Communications Skills & Career Development.
I have been teaching at The Hague University for almost 3 years with a lot of enthusiasm and dedication at the faculty of Technology, Innovation & Society. Furthermore, I am the founder of Mind Elevators, an organization that specializes in teaching success skills to students and young professionals. We live in a world with rapid changes and there is a lot of pressure on generations Y and Z. These unique generations create success in their own way and strive for greatness. I am dedicated to help them develop their personal and professionals skills in order to grow.


Place: Masaryk University Language Centre, Komenského nám. 2

Registration for PhD. students (via IS)

Registration for other participants (postdoc, academics)



1. Discovering strengths 

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key to professional fulfilment. “What are your strengths?” is a commonly asked question in job interviews. You must be prepared to talk about your strong points. It is an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd if you can speak about your qualities in an authentic and compelling way. During this workshop, we focus on helping you to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a Young Professional.

2. Pitch your PhD – How do you present your research?” 

Pitching your research in a clear and concise way is extremely important, but can also be very difficult. It doesn’t matter how world-shattering a piece of research may be, unless it can be powerfully communicated to capture attention, people can tune out after just eight seconds. How do you present your research in only a few minutes? In this workshop you will explore how to present your work in a professional and interesting way. You will learn how to tailor a message for and how to gain more interest from your audience.

This will replace the goal setting workshop. I noticed that the PhD students to whom I teach are more enthusiastic about this workshop then the goal setting one. That’s why I would suggest to do this one instead of the goal setting. IF you agree of course.

3. Creating the brand you 

In today’s market outstanding performance is no longer enough if you want to progress your career. Image and visibility are essential components of career success. You are a brand – and you need to know what your brand stands for. In order to stand out you need to be aware of your strengths and be able to communicate these in a powerful way. What differentiates you in a field of skilled professionals? Personal branding is a proactive way to control your career development and how you are perceived in your company or the market place. This module provides you with the tools and skills required to develop a strong brand that is created around your personal name and career.

4. Your personal pitch

Using an original elevator pitch can help you in many ways. With a pitch you are able to express the essence of what it is you do and why someone needs your services. Whether it is on a network event, in a job interview or in a bar where you might meet your future employer. How do you create a unique pitch like this? What are the essentials? It can take some time to get your pitch right, yet with the five elements of the pitch model that we use in this workshop you will always feel confident when introducing yourself. During this workshop you will learn to craft your pitch in a way that makes you stand out from your peers.

5. The perfect LinkedIn profile 

Over the past decade LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding tool where potential employers are looking to discover the right person for the right opportunity. This module will give you the tools to create a powerful LinkedIn profile in order to present yourself online from a professional perspective and for career purposes. During this workshop you will get the tools to create a strong profile and get the most out of LinkedIn.

6. The key to successful networking 

Networking is key to opening up more possibilities. When you network with the right strategy and mindset you will attract the right people and reach your goals faster. It can push your career in a whole new direction. However, sometimes it can be experienced as forced or uncomfortable. How do you make that professional connection? How do you maintain your network once you have built it? During this workshop you will learn practical techniques for online and offline network building. This will enable you to find a new job using the power of your network.


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