jazykového vzdělávání MU

Zpět Quizlet (aka online flashcard games for vocab and grammar) CHANGE

Přírodovědecká fakulta MU (Kotlářská 267/2, Brno )

CHANGE – Thursday, 4th April, 15:15-16:45

Faculty of Science (PřF), Kotlářská 2, Room J2

contacts: Belinda Allan, belinda.allan@mail.muni.cz and Štěpánka Bilová, bilova@law.muni.cz


Quizlet is a very easy flashcard and gaming system for learning vocabulary, grammar or anything with a question-answer or term-definition structure.

Join this Quizlet session to find out what is so fun for students and easy for you along with all the steps to be up and running with your own Quizlet games for in-class fun as well as private revision games for students. If you’re more of an advanced Quizlet user, come along to learn about some advanced features and how to integrate Quizlet with Google forms to formally test and record learning.

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