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Zpět Using films in language teaching, level B1+/В2

Centrum jazykového vzdělávání MU (Komenského nám. 220/2, Brno )

Lecturer:  Susanne Laudien (Humboldt University, Berlin)

Considering the fact, that students are coming from all over the world and studying different disciplines, our aim must be to cope with the demand to enable all of them to develop sufficient knowledge of their chosen language and culture to express themselves confidently and appropriately in everyday, study-related or professional situations.

To achieve this aim, we have to deploy communicative, participant-oriented didactic concepts, make use of new media, offer country-specific information, and provide them with strategies for independent learning to support their learning process.

Learning Russian language involves the appropriation of numerous grammatical forms, e.g. verbal aspects, verbs of motion, participles, which have to be used adequately in language style and situation.

All students enjoy watching movies very much. Using this for the training of grammatical forms can be an additional, but useful exercise, reaching several aims at the same time:

– By listening authentic speech students accept and learn to use themselves vocabulary and Grammar, being highly motivated to understand the content.

– Using short cuts from documentary or feature films, we are giving students the possibility to learn something about other countries and cultures and this way to increase their language and cultural competence.

– Using parts of the text in further training might motivate students to learn grammatical forms further on.

– The use of modern technologies as Smart Board, Moodle a. o. gives students the possibility to continue training at any time and in any place.


In a master-class I’d like to present 2 or 3 examples how to use short cuts in B1+ and B2 courses, aiming at the increase of grammatical a. o. knowledge. After the presentation I’d like to ask the participants to work in small groups on 1 or 2 little projects, so getting a practical advantage for all of us.



Contact person: Monika Ševečková  seveckova@email.cz


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