Students' view

“I couldn´t believe something like this course appeared among other courses at our university. It´s finally a concept comparable to Nordic education system. Many thanks to every member of the project.  I enjoyed it a lot.”

“I´m glad I chose this type of learning English. I started to work and learn regularly and make effort to organize my time, my activity. I found lots of sources which I can use in future for my learning.”

“Great time with great teachers! Now, I am a better learner. It´s easier for me to se a target and not to give up my dreams.”

“I learnt English for myself. I changed my attitude and took the responsibility for my own learning. I thought more about English and as a result, I learnt more.”

” I´ve actually started to like learning English. It helped me to motivate myself and to find time to do something important instead of procrastination.”

“I like the feeling of responsibility and independence in learning. Consequently I can enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when I do well.”

– autumn semester 2013 students´ comments

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