Chinese for Absolute Beginners I

  • 8 March – 10 May 2021
  • Masaryk University Language Centre, Brno

The course will be taught on-line via ZOOM/MS Teams, or in-person, or as a combination of both depending on the current government restrictions. 

This is a course for absolute beginners of Chinese. No prior knowledge of the language is required. The course is taught in English. 


To be assigned in class 

Course Objectives  

After the course, students will be able to:  

  • Identify and comprehend conversation situations and reproduce conversation schemes in basic conversation situations given by the textbook  
  • Apply the conversation schemes and acquired vocabulary to other interactive conversation situations 
  • Read and write basic conversation texts given in the textbook 
  • Apply acquired grammar, vocabulary and increase necessary reading and writing comprehension 

Tentative Schedule 

  • Week 1: Greetings: Chinese phonetics, Grammar of shì. 
  • Week 2: Greetings: Grammar of yě, Chinese phonetics. 
  • Week 3: Greetings: Grammar of ma, Chinese phonetics. 
  • Week 4 Family: Grammar of yǒu, Chinese phonetics. 
  • Week 5 Family: Grammar of shéi, Chinese phonetics. 
  • Week 6 Family: Grammar of liăng, Chinese classifiers, Chinese phonetics. 
  • Week 7 Family: Grammar of shénme, Chinese classifiers, Chinese phonetics. 
  • Week 8 Invitation: Numbers, how to express time and dates in Chinese. 
  • Week 9 Invitation: How to talk about place and activities.
  • Week 10 Final test: Students who pass will receive a certificate.
Language of instruction
When 8 March – 10 May 2021
10 weeks, 2 x 45 min. per week
Monday, 16:00-17:30 
Participants foreign students, MU students, public, MU employees
Wei-lun Lu,  
2 500 CZK 
Early bird (until 31. 1. 2021) = 2 200 CZK
Standard (until 8. 3. 2021) = 2 500 CZK


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