Creativity in Teaching Summer School

  • 11 – 15 July 2022
  • Masaryk University Language Centre, Komenského nám. 2, Brno, Czech Republic

The Creativity in Teaching Summer School is designed for teachers and lecturers at universities and in Higher Education institutions who want to

  • make an effective use of creative thinking in their teaching practice;
  • broaden their teaching styles in in-person, hybrid and online settings;
  • increase student motivation for learning;
  • gain deeper insight into theories of creativity applicable for teaching;
  • think about developing creative materials for their courses in in-person, hybrid and online settings;
  • reflect on their teaching practice.

What to expect?

The Creativity in Teaching Summer School workshops are highly experiential, requiring everybody to participate in individual and group activities. The programme includes topics such as:

  • What are creative situations?
  • Who can be creative?
  • Which processes in teaching and learning are creative?
  • Which creativity theories can be useful for teaching?
  • How to work with barriers to creativity in in-person, hybrid and online settings?
  • How to use authentic materials in in-person, hybrid and online settings?
  • How to make students more engaged in their learning in in-person, hybrid and online settings?
  • How to organise creative courses in in-person, hybrid and online settings?
  • How to deal with activities focused on individual areas in in-person, hybrid and online settings?
  • What is creative feedback and assessment?

The Creativity in Teaching Summer School offers you a truly creative and unique experience. Those five days will help you gain a practical insight into how to apply creative theories to your teaching, how to develop and adjust creative materials from in person to hybrid and online or vice-versa and how to foster creativity in your students and help them become actively engaged co-authors of their own learning.

Your days will consist of interactive and highly practical workshops focusing on topics such as creative theories, creative situations, creative processes and barriers to creativity. You will be presented with examples of creative activities successfully implemented in teaching at universities and in Higher Education institutions and provided with an opportunity to develop an understanding of ways to improve your own teaching in a creative way. In three distinct sessions each day, you will also have a chance to interact, discuss, practise and reflect on your teaching practice with your colleagues.

The Summer School will give you an ideal opportunity to discover and explore new areas of teaching which you have perhaps not had the chance to focus on before, get to know Brno and the region, professionally network and make new friends, or simply enjoy a special learning experience in a beautiful atmosphere of Masaryk University.

Programme & Timetable

The programme provides
- 30 hours of tuition comprising presentations, group work and discussions
- 10 hours of individual work and consultations

(Monday to Friday)
09:00-10:30 Workshops
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Workshops
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 Workshops

This summer school is based on the need for new insight into teaching and learning in in-person, hybrid and online formats, given the changes brought by the global pandemic. Targeting all teachers or lecturers at universities and in Higher Education institutions it consists of a series of participative seminars with activities to encourage reflective analysis on both professional practice and professional performance.

Content centres on diverse aspects of creativity in pedagogy and design of the teaching in in-person, hybrid and online settings, a corresponding variety of learning experience, and strategies for understanding and handling the added dimension of competences within the student calibre, such as differentiated teaching within a single dynamic. It is expected that participants in the week’s sessions will broaden their own repertoire as educators, deepen their insight into the learner experience, and raise their contribution to raised quality standards in the university sector.


All participants will receive a Masaryk University Language Centre Certificate of Attendance on successful completion of the programme.

Important dates:

Early bird registration: 20th April 2022
Standard registration: 30th June 2022
The closing date for applications: 30th June 2022
Pre-summer school information package: 4th July 2022
Summer school: 11th-15th July 2022

Masaryk University Language Centre – the summer school venue

The programme will take place in the Masaryk University Building at Komenského náměstí 2, Brno, Czech Republic.

The Masaryk University Language Centre is based in the heart of Brno and the city’s cultural and social life is literally on its doorstep. Together with The Centre for International Cooperation, The Teiresias Support Centre for Students with Special Needs and The University Computer Centre with a non-stop service, the Language Centre is housed in a Neo-Renaissance building, opened originally for the German University of Technology in 1860. Today, the building offers state-of-the-art teaching and learning resources and facilities to Masaryk University students and staff-members.

Brno, Masaryk University, Language Centre

Brno is the capital of Moravia and the second largest city of the Czech Republic. It is mostly known for its modernist architecture, rapidly expanding high tech-sector, café culture and the reputation for the highest quality of life in the country. Brno is also home to six public universities. Masaryk University (, the second-largest university in the Czech Republic, is the leading Higher Education institution in the region. The Masaryk University Language Centre (, the largest language centre in the country, provides language and communication focused services and support to the whole university. It enhances international collaboration and continuous exchange of knowledge, ideas and information on a worldwide scale.

Contact: For further information, please email our team at

Language of instruction
When 11 July – 15 July 2022
Participants foreign students, public, MU employees
380 EUR (early bird), 480 EUR (standard)

The fee includes tuition, course materials, coffee breaks and the Summer School Dinner.
Members of the EDUC Alliance, Casajc, CercleS and Masaryk University Staff are eligible for discounts. For more information, please, contact

Participants can apply for ERASMUS+ funding.

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