Czech for Foreign MU Staff: Beginners 1

  • 29 September – 15 December 2021
  • MU Language Centre OR online

The MU Language Centre is opening a Czech language course for foreign MU staff. The course is aimed at foreign Masaryk University employees at A0 level.

Learning outcomes:

Students will get familiar the following topics: pronunciation rules, greetings, formal and informal dialogues, introduction of oneself, numbers 0–1000, verbs in present tense, orientation in the town, positions and directions, grammatical gender, food and drinks, how to order in the restaurant, my family, possessive pronouns. Students will understand the basics of Czech language system, although the focus will be mainly on speaking and using the language in practice and the communication in everyday as well as in the academic environment.

Study materials provided by the attendants:
Čeština expres 1 – Lída Holá, Pavla Bořilová: Units 1–4

For registration please contact the lecturer at
Deadline for registration: 10th September 2021

Where: MU Language Centre (Komenského nám. 2) or online, depending on the current governmental restrictions.

Language of instruction
When 29 September – 15 December 2021
12 weeks (90 min/week)
Wednesday 16:00–17:30
Participants foreign students, MU employees
Eliška Dudešková
Free for MU Staff and PhD students

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