Czech for Foreign MU Staff: Pre-Intermediate 2

  • 29 September – 15 December 2021
  • MU Language Centre OR Online

The MU Language Centre is opening a Czech language course for foreign MU staff. The course is aimed at foreign Masaryk University employees at A1/2 level. The applicants who did not participate in the previous course will take an entrance test.

Course prerequisites:

Students should be familiar with the following topics: content of the book Čeština expres 1 – Lída Holá, Pavla Bořilová and Čeština expres 2 units 8–10, specifically future tense, prepositions, writing email, house and apartment, genitive singular, nominative and accusative plural, travelling, motion verbs.

Learning outcomes:

Students will get familiar with the following topics: human body and speaking at the doctor’s, greetings, managing a phone call, visit, in the hotel, services, jobs, professions, CV, dative singular, speaking and asking about places, questions, using time expressions.

Study materials provided by the attendants:
Čeština expres 2 – Lída Holá, Pavla Bořilová: Units 11–14

MU Language Centre, Komenského nám. 2 or online, depending on the current governmental restrictions.

Registration and entrance diagnostics:

Please take an entrance test and arrange a meeting for the oral part of the entrance diagnostics with Zuzana Muchová at

Deadline for registration: 10th September 2021


Language of instruction
When 29 September – 15 December 2021
12 weeks (90 min/week)
Wednesday 18.00–19.30 
Participants foreign students, MU employees
Zuzana Muchová
Free for MU Staff and Ph.D. students

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