Czech for Foreigners: Pre-Intermediate 2

  • 28 September – 16 December 2022
  • MU Language Centre, Komenského nám. 2, Brno

The MU Language Centre is opening a Czech language course for Foreigners. The course is aimed at foreign students at A2/1 level. The applicants who did not participate in the previous course (Pre-Intermediate 1) will take an entrance test. Please complete the entrance test here. Your teacher will contact you after the deadline for registration and arrange the oral part of the test.

Course prerequisites:
Students should be familiar with the content of the textbook Čeština expres 1 and Čeština expres 2 by Lída Holá and Pavla Bořilová.

Learning outcomes:
Students will get familiar with the following topics: what we look like, clothing, work, travelling, and politeness. As to grammar, these topics will be introduced: nominative and accusative plural of nouns and adjectives, comparison of adjectives, personal pronouns in dative and accusative, aspect and tense in verbs and conditional.

Study materials provided by the attendants:
Čeština expres 3 – Lída Holá, Pavla Bořilová: Units 5–7

Deadline for registration: 14th September 2022
If you have any questions please contact Zuzana Muchová at

Language of instruction
When 28 September – 16 December 2022
12 weeks (90 min/week)
Wednesday 16.00–17.30
Participants foreign students, MU Staff, public, MU employees
Marie Hanzelková
3 600 Kč (early bird), 3 900 Kč (standard price)


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