Italian for Absolute Beginners I

  • 11 March – 27 May 2021
  • MU Language Centre, Komenského nám. 2, Brno

The course will be taught on-line via ZOOM, or in-person, or as a combination of both depending on the current government restrictions. 

This course is thought for everyone curious about the Italian language and with no previous knowledge. During the classes, students will discover Italian language and develop all the linguistic skills with emphasis on communication. By the end of the course, students will learn to introduce themselves and communicate in basic everyday situations. The course is taught in English by an Italian native speaker. 

Language of instruction
When 11 March – 27 May 2021
12 weeks, 2 x 45 min. per week
Thursday 16:30-18:00
Participants foreign students, MU students, public, MU employees
Native speaker – Barbara Staffolani,
3 900 CZK
Early bird (until 31. 1. 2021) =  3 600 CZK
Standard (until 8. 3. 2021) = 3 900 CZK


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