Academic English Foundation Course 

  • 13 February – 19 May 2023
  • MU Language Centre, Brno

In-Person Course

This course aims to provide you with the language and academic skills you will need when joining and participating in university programmes taught in English. It will also give you an opportunity to become acquainted with the academic environment at Masaryk University and develop your understanding of European academic culture. The course is taught by an international team of experienced teachers. 

The course runs for 13 weeks, with 20 hours per week, making a total of 260 hours.  

This intensive course includes: 
  • communication skills practice 
  • academic skills development 
  • intercultural communication training 
  • videoconferencing sessions with partner universities 
  • variety of tasks and interaction modes (including mini-lectures, individual consultations and project work) 
  • additional online materials  
  • autonomous learning support 
  • regular detailed feedback  

This ensures that you receive a thorough preparation for your degree. The Academic English Foundation Course prepares you for success by developing a wide range of skills – in research and writing, understanding academic lectures, comprehending academic texts and making presentations. 

The course will give you extensive practice in the areas tested at university entrance as well as internationally-recognised exams.

The course is aimed at students with a CEFR level of B1 who need to advance to a B2/B2+ level. You can check the current level of your English here:

By the end of the English Academic Foundation course, you will be able to: 
  • identify, interpret and analyse relevant academic sources 
  • deliver presentations and take part in discussions 
  • participate in online communication 
  • produce a wide range of academic written texts 
  • take effective notes in lectures 
  • select adequate learning strategies and study materials 
  • self-assess your strengths and areas for development in English 
  • work in an English-speaking team 
  • understand different cultural contexts
Admission requirements :
  • fill in and sendtheelectronicapplication
  • send a certificate of complete secondary education related to the degree program which you wish to study 
  • paythecoursefee 
  • receiptofadmissionwillbeissueduponpayment
  • in case visa is not granted or other problems which prevent the student from participating or completing the course, the course fee shall be refunded according to our cancelation policy 
  • informationaboutvisa issues 
  • language requirementsEnglish level B1 

This course will open with a minimum of 6 students. In case of graver epidemiological situation and subsequent in-person teaching restrictions, the course will be held online.

Application form

Language of instruction
When 13 February – 19 May 2023
1 semester, 13 weeks
20 hours per week
Participants foreign students, MU students, public
International team,
1 550 EUR (until 2 January 2023)

Thank you for choosing to study in our course. Because of the longer time needed to apply for a visa, we must inform you that if you do not receive your visa by the start of the course, you will start the course online.  You will then join the in-person classes at a later date once your visa is received. If you do not receive your visa even after the start of the course, you will continue with the online form of the course without the possibility of a refund.

Deadline for registration

for students who require a visa 12 December 2022
for students without a visa requirement 15 January 2023

Early bird: 1 550 EUR (until January 2023)
Standard: 1 600 EUR (until 31 January 2023)


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